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Sarah Hendee

Sarah Hendee


Me and my friend Alexis


Hey! Thanks for stopping my efolio page. I just finished my freshman year at MSU Mankato and am about to be a sophomore. I am a pre-nursing major, a student ambassador and a member of the Honors Program. On my eFolio are some of the ways that I am working towards developing the Honors Program pillars of Leadership, Global Citizenship and Research.

Seeing as I have only been in college for a year, my eFolio isn't as complete as it will be in the future but still look around! Feel free to contact me.

Mission Statement

Here at MSU, my basic plan is to maximize my potential. I am currently a pre-nursing major. It's a very competitive program and my goal right now is to be accepted when the time comes to apply around the end of my sophomore year. I have a determined work ethic. I am used to working hard to achieve what is necessary. I also want to find different leadership opportunities so I can thrive at MSU more than just academically. I want to be a well rounded student to help me out in the years beyond my education.

Me and my friend Sara

Sara Thompson
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